Real Estate Listing Marketing Plan: Top 5 Marketing Materials You Need


Sale or loss?

As home prices go up, so does the competition to sell them. The growth in the competition can be from competing realtors and online services.

With COVID-19 restrictions still limiting businesses across the country, in-person meetings can be difficult to arrange. Both sellers and buyers alike want to make sure that this large purchase will be handled by a trusted source.

Having a strong online presence will not only advertise your services but also make you seem like a figure of authority when it comes to real estate. 

Find out how these 5 tips for a real estate listing marketing plan can help you with your next sale.

  1. Real Estate Listing Marketing Plan Basics

Let us start with real estate print materials. Business Cards, flyers, pretty much anything you will be printing at your local copy shop. 

Print material will likely be given when you first meet a potential client. So, customize it. People tend to remember names more than faces; adding your image on your card will leave an impression and make the interaction feel personal. 

  1. Blog Posts

You have a website set up, now what?

In order to have repeat views, you should be creating content such as how-to blogs, DIY, pretty much anything having to do with real estate.

SEO services and help your blogs stand out with keyword research and targeting. 

  1. Visual Experience

Having visual aids such as virtual tours aerial drone shots can give your clients a sense of control since they can view the content when they want and as often as they want.

Video content can save you time by weeding out individuals that just want to see and with no intention or ability to purchase or sell a home. You can publish vlogs where you walk through a sale or purchase and guide your audience.

  1. Social Media Titan

No real estate marketing plan would be complete without including social media. This allows you to interact with your clients in real-time and at both your and their convenience. Creating an online presence will give you a broader audience and allow you to share blogs, vlogs, and update on your listings or sales.

If you are looking for theme ideas for your website consider

  1. Ads Worth the Money

Both online and offline ads can lead to big paydays. If you purchase ad space online consider where it will be advertised geographically, what time, and through what source. You wouldn’t want to pay for ad space across the country at 3 am on a children’s TV network.

Likewise, billboards, bus stops, and mailers are marketing materials for your business. You should focus on the image you use and spellcheck everything at least twice. 

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

When it comes down to it, you need to come to terms with the fact that your sales pitch will likely be a lifelong investment for your client. 

It is important to know your target audience, stay relevant, and focus on how you represent your business both online and in person. Immerse yourself and potential clients in the service you are providing them.

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