Forming a Company in Malta


Forming a company or other commercial partnerships in Malta requires agreement between members or shareholders. It also involves registration from the Registry of Companies at the Malta Financial Services Authority. You may choose to conduct your business operations as a limited liability company or trade-in your name as a sole trader. Another option is to set up a business in Malta by forming a partnership with at least one other individual.

Choosing a limited liability company to initiate your business in Malta will give you an advantage of the limited liability to the unpaid amount on share capital. Other types of partnerships make a company a legal individuality distinct from its shareholders. It means the liabilities and assets of the company will be separate from its shareholders. One shareholder or a single member may form a company and act as the sole director and secretary of the business.

The process of initiating a Malta company set up involves a deed of the constitution of the company. It is the Memorandum of the company, which must include the name of the company, its registered address, its shareholders’ detail, and its status (private or public). The Memorandum also has the object clauses of the company that indicate the operating lines of your business. It also includes the company’s directors and secretary details, the authorized and issued share capital amount, and other necessary information.

You are free to choose any name for your company as long as it is not the same as an existing or reserved company. The Registrar of Companies may refuse a name to register a company if it seems to be offensive or undesirable. As a business owner, you will need to pay 20 percent of the minimum share capital for a private company formation and 25 percent for a public company setup. Consult experts at to know your options and initiate your process of forming a business in Malta today.