Why You Should Choose REITs Investment in the Long Run


Now is the time when you can own a property, enjoy the rental income from it and, simultaneously, enjoy property appreciation. Yes, you can do all these things at the same time as you opt for investing in the REITs. In this case, Singapore happens to be the best place for this, considering all the options now.

Here are the details about investing in REITs  for you.

Now, what is REITs?

Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs, refer to real estate investment companies that tackle all kinds of investment properties. Be it financing, property management, asset management or even handling of tax matters, these tasks are done by them. Just like the Mutual Funds, REITs offers their professional services. The properties that REITs deal with can either be real estate mortgages or investment properties. Most of the time, REITs will be the sole organisation that handles them, unless other substantial shareholders make any suggestions.

Different Kinds of REITs

There are three kinds of REITs asset classes that you can make investments on. The first of the lot is the Equity, the second is the Mortgage and the third is the Hybrid ones. The types of the S REITs can also be categorized into several parts, including Commercial REITs, Industrial REITs, Retail REITs, Hospitality REITs and Healthcare REITs.

The Features of This Option

For investors, the door to all these categories is available, and you can make your investments based on their requirements and choices. As the risk factors are low and the whole process can be done under the observation of other experts, there is a handsome chance for great profit from such investments. Another very good feature is that these investments are exempted from tax charges and have a very low leverage risk. Additionally, they have a high level of transparency. This is the reason investing in REITs is a wise choice for investors, especially for those who have recently started and have no wish for any kind of loss. As REITs investments are quite affordable, you can be sure that you will receive the best returns.

Following the Metrics

However, there are some very important metrics or points of consideration when making these investments. These points of considerations are market occupancy, net absorption rates, upcoming supply pipeline, trends for the price hikes or downs, tenant covenant strengths, background of the sponsors and so on. Of course, one needs to have the proper guidance of an investment manager in such investments. In Singapore, you can easily access the best options for such services that offer you the right guidance in REITs investments.


Making money on real estate investments is not a rare thing. Now, with the REITs investments, you can be sure that the returns that you receive will be the best compared to other kinds of real estate investments and the returns that you can get from them. REITs is a good investment that offers you the ease of mind while trading.