What Is The Usage Of Better Pack 333 PLUS?


A water-activated tape dispenser is a machine that automatically rolls out a length of adhesive tape when the user places it near a piece of cardboard or another material to be sealed. The better pack 333 PLUS is manufactured by Better Packaging Inc., which has been in business since 1968 and was one of the first companies to manufacture such devices.

This type of device differs from traditional tape dispensers. It is designed to work with shipping boxes made of corrugated fiberboard—often used for shipping products such as clothing and food—and not just flat sheets of paper or plastic film. They also require no electricity to run; instead, they rely on the pressure applied while rolling over the surface.

The better pack 333 PLUS works by applying pressure between two rollers so that one roller moves forward. At the same time, the other remains stationary, allowing the user to control how deep into corrugated board material goes before being stopped by its resistance against being torn apart under such conditions (ease). When this occurs, it activates an adhesive layer within each cartridge’s backing and onto exposed portions where needed along edges (strength).

The Better Pack 333 Has A “Partial Cut” Feature That Allows The Machine To Cut The Tape With The Tear Bar Between Each Cut:

If you have used other dispensing machines, you may be familiar with a “Full Cut” feature. With this feature on your older dispensing device, the blade cuts through both sides of the tape when pulled from its dispenser.

The Partial Cut feature allows for a more precise application of labels on items like bottles or other containers where accurate placement is essential!

There are multiple benefits to using this water-activated tape dispenser in your packaging process. Take a look at some of them below:

  • Time-Saving: You will save time when operating this product because it is automatic and simple. It also comes with an indicator light that tells you when the machine needs refilling, which also saves more time!
  • Cost Saving: This is because it does not require manual work from humans or other workers on your team. Plus, no expensive machines are needed to run the packer either, so it’s an even better deal overall!
  • Improved Productivity: Improved productivity means how many packages can be made per hour since there won’t be any issues like misaligned tapes or stuck labels any longer–all thanks again

The Better Pack 333 Helps You Get More Done Faster, Safer, And For Less Money:

With the Better Pack 333, you can reduce your packaging time by up to 50% by using a single machine and one operator. You’ll also see improved worker safety through its ergonomic design, which reduces strain on your workers’ backs and shoulders by eliminating repetitive lifting motions associated with traditional manual pallet wrapping operations.

The machine also improves efficiency because its unique design features allow operators to quickly adjust packaging configurations based on specific customer requirements without having to stop production or re-align equipment components like they would have had they gone with an unwieldy manual method such as using rolls of tape instead of a heat sealer gun; this means only one person is needed at any given time which means no wasted hours waiting around while someone else finishes up their task before starting yours; you’ll always stay busy working!


So now you know what the better pack 333 is and how it can help you save time and money in your warehouse. This water-activated tape dispenser was made to increase efficiency and safety for workers, which is why most people think it would be an excellent investment for any company looking to improve its packaging process.

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