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For nearly three decades, Patrick Shin, CEO of Nan Inc. has been running the firm he started in 1990. On the Hawaiian island of Oahu, the headquarters of his construction company are located.

Two years after he began working as a construction worker in Hawaii, Patrick Shin decided it was time to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions full-time. In order to provide construction services, he formed Nan Inc., which bears his name. The nickname “Nan Chul Shin” comes from his given name in Korean, which is “Nan Chul Shin.”

The road to success isn’t always smooth

In order for a site to be successful, it must have a sufficient number and quality of development milestones, as well as how well the local economy has adapted and benefitted from them. It should come as no surprise that this has all occurred in Hawaii. The Hawaiian Islands have tremendously benefited from Nan Inc.’s creative management style since its inception by Nan Chul Shin, better known as Patrick Shin, and his business Nan Inc. The design, procurement, and construction teams that they led to the building of a number of significant structures in Hawaii today recognized as valuable assets to the state.

Contributes to the welfare of others

Giving back to one’s community is a lifelong endeavor for many people. Owner Patrick Shin feels that “the people of Hawaii should also prosper in the process” when it comes to Nan Inc. construction’s success.

The Nan Inc Volunteering Club has also been established by Patrick Shin. Having been a member of this organization, he is able to fix and restore artifacts anywhere throughout the island. In February 2021, Nan Inc. volunteers spent their Saturday mornings rebuilding the Koko Crater Trail in Hawaii. Non-profit company Kokonut Koalition is spearheading the effort to restore an ancient military tram line that has been deteriorating due to heavy use and erosion.

Premium Construction Guaranteed

We at Nan Inc. want to give the State of Nan as many safe, reliable, and valuable assets as we can. Because they are trustworthy, open, and competent, their value is enhanced. The Hawaii general contractor of their team conducts the necessary research in order to resolve challenges, gaps, and untapped efficiency in a timely manner. General contractors in Hawaii are capable of managing everything from supplies, equipment and on-site people to final testing and handover plans, regardless of whether it’s a commercial or a government project.

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About Nan Inc.

Nan Inc. was started by Patrick Shin when he was just a kid in Hawaii, where he now lives. He had always dreamed of being CEO of his own construction company. After moving to Oahu, Hawaii, he had numerous opportunities to pursue his love.

He began his career in Hawaii by working for a construction firm. Patrick Shin recognized that he had a natural affinity for construction while living in Hawaii. He made a promise to himself that he would do everything he could to make his dream come true. Founded in 1990 by Patrick Shin, Nan Inc. now employs over 500 people and is responsible for the construction of some of Oahu’s most recognizable commercial projects.

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