What Can Offices Do to Control Coronavirus After the Circuit Break


With Covid-19 affecting more than 20,000 in Singapore, the government planned to extend the circuit break until the first of June. This definitely has affected the economy, but with work from home and virtual meetings, companies are trying their best to continue their normal operations one way or another.

After the end of the lockdown, some companies may be worried about the safety of their employees. Here are some tips that can help you make your workplace safe after the circuit break:

First, Follow the Government Orders

The Ministry of Health and the MOM recently released Safely Management Measures for companies to follow in Singapore. There are various guidelines, including the need to hire a Safe Management Officer, compulsory masks in the workplace, etc. The failure to comply with any of these clauses for Safe Management in Singapore will be risky for your workers, and also will result in actions from the MOM and the MOH.

Open Office Only if Needed

This one is a given. It actually is one of the guidelines of the Safety Management Measures. If your workers can work from home or telecommute to work, then you should let them continue doing so.

Install the SafeEntry Visitor Management System

The government has made it a must to install the SafeEntry System for offices and shopping malls and other places where there is always a crowd. The SafeEntry system is a check-in and check-out system which keeps records of people entering and exiting a venue, and also traces their contact when they are inside the building.

Take a Note of the Work Hours

If some employees need to take the public transportation, calling them or letting them go during the peak hours isn’t a good idea. Also, you will have to put extra care to employees who are more in the risk of being affected by the virus. Don’t forget to monitor proper hygiene in the workplace.

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