What To Do After Being Sexually Harassed At Your Workplace?


Sexual harassment can be a traumatizing experience, no matter where it happens. Things can become more complex and challenging when it takes place at your workplace. Since work is unavoidable, victims are not able to escape the uncomfortable situation and keep enduring the maltreatment. 

Harassing an employee is an unlawful activity. Should you face any form of sexual harassment in the workplace, you are not alone. With the help of a sexual harassment lawyer Austin, you can take legal action and obtain monetary compensation. 

What to do after being sexually harassed at your workplace 

  1. Go to the doctor. 

Victims of sexual harassment are recommended to visit the doctor and get their injuries checked as soon as possible. You must go to the doctor even if you think you are fine or if it is just a “harmless bruise.” The injury may not be that significant, but documenting it can be beneficial to prove your claim. If you are suffering mental trauma from the incident, you may get it checked and documented by a medical professional as well. 

  1. Write down the details of the incident. 

You may not be in the right state of mind immediately after being sexually harassed. However, journaling your incident, thoughts, and feelings immediately after the incident takes place allows you to record the highest number of details. As time passes, your memory may fade, and you may miss a few crucial details. You should include the date, time, location, name of the harasser, witnesses, and describe the entire incident. 

  1. Document any quid pro quo. 

Quid pro quo refers to a situation where your employer offers you a position in the company, a raise, promotion, or other favors, in exchange for sexual favors. This may turn into a threat as well. For example, your employer may threaten to fire you or demote you if you do not submit to them or if you report about them. 

Note down the date, time, location, and the number of times you were offered the same thing. If these offers were made to you in the form of online texts or emails, they could serve as valuable evidence. 

  1. Contact the police. 

Sexual harassment is a crime and illegal in the United States. No matter where you experience it, you must report it to the police and make a complaint. This can serve as evidence that you were responsible enough to inform law enforcement. 

  1. Speak with an attorney. 

Contacting an Austin attorney and consulting them about the situation is a crucial step. Your attorney can help you correctly file a complaint and prevent you from making costly mistakes. They can also help you gather evidence that you may overlook and develop a strategic case. 

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