How to build a B2B marketing funnel?


A marketing funnel is an optical funnel that includes the steps commonly taken by our B2B audience and the exploration from a lead to a customer under a B2B marketing agency. The procedure is documented by presenting those steps in a graphic format so that other critical administrators in your company can implement it continually under B2B growth hacking.


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B2B marketing funnel stages

To truly help us understand how a marketing funnel works, we want to take this portion to break down every six intricately under B2B growth hacking. This section, combined with the following areas full of marketing funnel tips, will help our business assemble a comprehensive marketing funnel plan under a B2B marketing agency.


The most comprehensive section is strategy. At this stage, we acknowledge our company’s targets to better plan for methods to create brand awareness and drive interest in our results later under B2B growth hacking.

Here are some strategies for the marketing funnel:

Estimated viewer

Our estimated viewers will ideally purchase our B2B company’s products or services. In our industry, we are targeting other businesses rather than the everyday customer under a B2B marketing agency.


Once we’ve defined our estimated audience, our B2B company must identify the goals that will drive our business forward for the next quarter, the following period, and several other periods.

What those targets look like will differ from company to company. Many companies want to develop brand awareness, sales, and customers, but our requirements might exceed those targets under B2B growth hacking.

Marketing approaches

The next feature of the strategy phase of our B2B marketing funnel is which marketing approaches our company will implement. It will depend significantly on our marketing budget, and our incoming capital informs that budget under a B2B marketing agency.


With the calculating out of the method, it’s time to enter the alertness stage of the B2B marketing guide. It is the part of the guide where we want to build brand alertness among our customers and leads under B2B growth hacking. Here’s how we recommend you do that.


SEO is a wise strategy to slot into our B2B growth plan. SEO determines where our website ranks on search engines such as Google when users type in a search query under a B2B marketing agency.

Organic social media

Organic social media can also increase our brand awareness. What is organic social media? It’s posted on popular social media channels without paid promotion. In other words, we publish content, share valuable posts, and respond to comments to grow our social media following under a B2B marketing agency.

Paid digital ads

Digital advertising is one of our best solutions for growing brand awareness.

The marketing budget we already established is where the funding for our paid digital ads will come from. If yours is a new B2B business, your ad will be much lower than an SMB or more significant enterprise such as a fortune 500 under B2B growth hacking.


The third phase of the B2B marketing funnel is activity. This part of the funnel is still narrower and significantly correlates to the strategy phase. As the name signify, in the activity stage of our marketing funnel, we are creating interest among our B2B audience in our products or services under a B2B marketing agency.

Newsletter signups

Next, we want to increase the number of newsletter signups to build a more extensive audience list. Our efforts can begin as soon as the lead land on our homepage or landing page if the page has an opt-in form under B2B growth hacking. Lead magnets are another excellent method to increase email list signups.

Exit intent

Not every user who visits our website will be willing to share their contact information. Some might find that our products or services are not for them, or perhaps our charges are far away outside of their list price under a B2B marketing agency.

Others might return to our page later, although whether they will is anyone’s presume.

Exit-intent pop-ups are a last-minute effort to grab users’ contact information before they leave our page.


The awareness stage is the B2B digital marketing efforts needed to drive new target audience members to our website under a B2B marketing agency.

Then, once on our site, the website needs to introduce these people to our high-level value proposition to fill our sales pipeline for lead generation purposes under B2B growth hacking.


Once we have a steady flow of interested prospective customers that fit our ideal buyer persona entering the top of our channel, they move into the consideration phase under a B2B marketing agency.

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