Started from the Bottom, Now Mr Tej Kohli is at the Peak of Success.


Life is not what you get, but what you make of it. Who would know it better than Tej Kohli himself? The man who sailed the ship just in the direction he wanted to go. Consequently, the world doesn’t know him just as a billionaire but as someone who worked hard to get what he wanted in the first place. A major part of this hard work involved learning a number of advanced skills, enhancing his knowledge, and lastly playing smart in the business world.

Mr Tej Kohli believes investment is a risky affair. You can either fall apart or build yourself a new throne. But it’s a risk worth taking if it makes your life better. All these years, Mr. Tej Kohli invested in multiple ventures. These ventures included esports, artificial intelligence and philanthropy to be precise. He believes that one of his most noteworthy investments has been in the field of Open Bionics. Open bionics happens to be a leading field that invests in medical devices aimed to enhance the medical infrastructure by supporting medical treatments.  In collaboration with his venture alongside Dr. Sanduk Ruit, the investment has funded and developed bionic arms for children with limb disabilities.

However, this investment was not his first. As mentioned, he has made a series of investments; mostly in deep tech. Deep technology refers to those that do not concentrate on end user series. Some common examples can be blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, biotech and genomics. Along with them, his significant investments have also been in the e-sports field. Specifically, the fast-paced markets of Asia and the upcoming technology hubs of Europe. Esports involve video game competition between players across the world. With the rising interest in the field, Mr Tej Kohli views it as a promising avenue. In light of this, he has invested $100m into the Switzerland-based Rewired Venture Studio fund, €50m of which is allocated for esports investment. This investment has made him Europe’s largest individual esports investor. Since 2018 the Esports Venture Fund arm of Rewired has invested €34m into Paris-based Team Vitality.

It has been a long way for Mr. Tej Kohli. But he still remembers his roots, his beginnings. He remembers his first investment into his own company in 1999. This company functioned in the online payment industry which ended up being a promising niche by serving the ‘high-risk’ online sectors.

His other significant and primary investments also lay in real estate. Since 2006 his Zibel Real Estate portfolio has invested in “micro-locations” within global cities. These strategic investments ended up being highly profitable after being transformed by an influx of technology companies.

His investments have been many. Clearly, Mr. Tej Kohli hasn’t been the man who prefers laying all eggs in one basket. He believes in diversification. He believes in expansion. Although he has achieved a lot, he has reached many milestones. But these milestones have not been the only destinations he strived to reach. If there’s still time on hand, he’s the man who would make optimal use of it.

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