Types of divorces in Texas: An overview 


Nothing compares to the stress of getting a divorce. Besides the intense emotions, you may feel disappointment, but this is also the most critical time of your life when you are expected to significant decisions. The divorce is going to impact you financially and socially, and you have to secure your future. The good news is divorcing in Texas doesn’t take long, especially if the spouses agree to the key facts. If you are filing for divorce in Houston, check this out to get a consultation with a top attorney. Here are some facts to know about ending your marriage in Texas. 

Contested Divorce

True to the name, a contested divorce is when spouses cannot agree to the basic terms of the divorce. Things like child custody, child support, alimony, and asset distribution often become major hindrances in ending a marriage. Just because spouses are in disagreement, it doesn’t mean that the divorce has to drag on for long. There are many ways to resolve conflict, and it is paramount that you hire an attorney at the earliest to make the most of the mediation process. There are strategies that lawyers use to negotiate an agreement that’s acceptable to both parties. There s no denying, though, that contested divorces take longer and cost more. 

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is when the separating couple agrees to resolve things amicably, and this kind of divorce doesn’t have to cost more. You can hire an attorney in Houston for a reduced retainer, and the process will be more like a transaction without washing dirty linen in public. There is a waiting period of 60 days for uncontested divorces in Texas, and given the courts are often dealing with backlogged cases, you can expect further delays. Even with all things considered, an uncontested divorce is an easy option. 

Residency Requirements

States have residency requirements for those filing for a divorce. In Texas, you can file for divorce as long as one party has lived here for six months and in the said county for 90 days. Talk to your attorney, who can guide you on the legal process, and if yours is an uncontested divorce, you don’t have to worry about a lot of paperwork either. 

Make sure to hire an attorney who practices family law and has an office in Houston. A local lawyer can ensure that the work is done sooner and there are no unwanted delays in the process. If the circumstances allow, consider an uncontested divorce, which is the best way to move ahead. 

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