Covid-19 Email Responses to make use of Now


Within my ongoing blog series on the way to handle the stalls, objections, and real-world situations in sales introduced on with the Covid-19 pandemic, below you will find some recommended email responses to situations you might be encountering.

Handful of products to keep in mind regarding this challenging time:

1) Don’t pressure people right now. The lower sides your prospects coping offer a similar experience ones you’re. If now is not an excellent time by themselves account, respect that! Consider how they’re doing and acquire them the way they have grown to be along.

2) Respect periods they’re offering you with-then plan an appointment “simply to register” in individuals days they suggest.

3) Lightly help help help remind them this case is temporary, and indicate the progress countries like China, Columbia and Japan are responsible for in cutting multiplication within the virus.

4) Suggest, again lightly, that you’ll achieve out again within the approaching days…

Right here are a handful of emails you might be getting, plus a handful of recommended wording for your responses on their own account:

Email from Prospect #1:


“I’ve no updates within your proposal because our offices are closed, and we’re all working remotely. Frankly, this is not a greater priority for individuals right now… “


“Appreciate returning in my opinion of those rough occasions! I’m wishing all your family members are remaining safe…

“I’ll return with you more than a couple of days simply to observe you will get along.

“For the moment, be!”

Email from Prospect #2:


“Sorry about my insufficient response, but it is been crazy here!

“For the time being, we have decided to focus on our market and won’t be searching into different markets right now.

“After I really loved all you needed to provide, our board has made the decision to restrain on anything new before the coronavirus plays itself out.

“I’ll keep in touch as things change… “


“Appreciate keeping in contact with me. Yes, it is really an unfolding and unfamiliar situation, well, i grasp your company’s decision to concentrate on the region marketplace for now.

“Things can transform, you realize-for instance, China have been able to steer apparent in the spread in the (as has Columbia), i feel this might continue (hope so!).

“Let us touch base more than a couple of days simply to compare notes. Just how can next Tuesday, April seventh appear to suit your needs?”

Email from Prospect #3:


“I’ve received your emails…

“We’ve investigated your company before-along with other vendors like yours-and then we just haven’t seen your kind of solution employed by us.

“In addition, we’re entirely crisis mode here, understandably, therefore we aren’t thinking about anything new such as this for now.

“We imagine you realize.”


NOTE: The Risk Signal they have “investigated your company before” and “we simply haven’t seen your kind of solution employed by us… “is a factor you have to weigh heavily in deciding it could be a real true fit for that organization or service…

My response may be:

“Interesting email i grasp they’re crisis occasions. You’ll are coping well.

“I’ll register with you later simply to appraise the way your company’s scenario is progressing generally, and exactly how you must do personally.

“Meantime stay and wash your hands. (insert smile emoji if you’d like.)”

Email from Prospect #4:


“This really is frequently a dreadful the actual at individuals our target make any type of decision as they need to visit utilize us. So, nobody has an interest at this time… “


“Interesting email i hope all your family members do Okay.

“Interestingly, our general market trends shows us that people Are browsing on the internet nowadays inside your. I suppose they’ve time and effort on their own hands within your house. (insert smile emoji if you’d like.)

“Anyway, hopefully this case will pass as governments obtain a handle of testing and quarantining their populations-similar to China, Columbia, and Japan did. Multiplication there’s slowed significantly.

“As things begin returning to normalcy, Allow me to reconnect with you to evaluate your plans for the third and 4th quarter. Would later be an enjoyable experience to reconnect?

“Tell me and become well… “

The key to keep in mind wonderful these emails is basically that you are acknowledging the situations they coping (a lot of us coping), but also you are suggesting timeframes to get back in contact with them. That way, you remain accountable for the sales situation.