Tips for Getting an ATM in Your Store


We can all agree that installing an ATM within your business or store has numerous benefits. For instance, it will bring more people to your store while ensuring they will have fast access to cash before purchasing. Finally, they can help you earn more significant revenue than before.

Still, getting an automated teller machine is not as simple as it seems, so you should conduct comprehensive research. At the same time, it is not a practical solution for all businesses. As soon as you check here, you will learn how to use an automated teller machine.

They are beneficial only in heavy traffic locations such as downtown shopping districts, malls, or areas without too many ATMs. The main goal is to determine how to get it first, which is why we are here.

How to Get an Automated Teller Machine?

Rent or Purchase

When choosing the best ATM, you will get options to buy or rent a machine for your business purposes. It would be best if you first decided whether you have enough money to buy a new model because they are more reliable and appealing to potential customers.

At the same time, you should think about setting up and maintenance expenses, which are essential to consider. However, if you do not know whether the whole idea of placing an ATM would work, we recommend you rent it to determine the best course of action.

Besides, if you are short on time and money, it is way better to rent it and let the machine owners take care of additional expenses. Of course, you will still get a percentage of commission out of each withdrawal by allowing that machine to stay within your place.

The main goal is to determine whether you have enough money to invest upfront and handle the maintenance and other repair issues that may happen. Generally, you will make more money by owning a machine than by leasing or renting. For instance, you will earn a transaction fee, which is approximately two to three dollars with each withdrawal.

You can also display different ads on the machine, which will bring you passive income, among other things. You can find everything on this website, which will help you find the best option for your needs.

How Much Money Should You Spare?

Getting an old machine is not as expensive as it seems, meaning you can get it for a few hundred dollars. However, due to changing regulations and the latest systems, when you purchase a used option, you should make sure that it features upgrades according to changes.

Another important consideration when choosing an old machine is a lack of warranty, while you will end up with high maintenance. On the other hand, you can purchase a new machine with the latest upgrades and features, which are more appealing to customers, but you should spare between three and ten thousand dollars for a single model.

Remember that new machines come with warranty deals and better customer service, while they will offer greater customer satisfaction due to a high number of characteristics.

Operating Expenses

Apart from purchasing expenses, you should fill it up, which is something you should think about beforehand. According to statistics, the average withdrawal is seventy dollars, while the average number of withdrawals is a hundred and twenty each month.

Suppose you wish to replenish the amount each week, it means you should prepare at least two thousand dollars for each machine. You may refill it more frequently if you place it in a high-traffic area, which is essential to remember.

You can also find third-party vaulting services that will offer you a chance to refill the machine with cash. That way, you can reduce the upfront money. On the other hand, you should pay insurance and interest for the process.

It is vital to think about getting armored courier services, especially if you place them in low-security areas, which will add to the amount you should pay. The best way to connect them to the network is through an ethernet cable. However, you can choose a wireless connection, approximately twenty dollars a month.

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It is vital to remember that you will get a service agreement in the first years after purchasing a new one, meaning they will cover maintenance. After it ends, you will be responsible for replacing parts.

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