The Qualities you should Look for Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant


The popularity of virtual assistants (VA) continues to increase as more companies look for their services. Reading this article, you are probably contemplating scheduling a consultation with a virtual assistance agency, but you are unsurehow to choose a great VA. After all, you will be delegating several tasks to an outsourced individual, so you ought to ensure that person is capable and trustworthy.

If you are a business owner needing advice on choosing a US virtual assistant, here are some qualities you should include in your checklist.

Time Management

Perhaps one of the reasons you need a virtual assistant Philippines is that your schedule is full, and you cannot perform tasks promptly. Virtual assistants are known for their effective time management and scheduling skills since they manage multiple responsibilities and clients. They use calendars and alarms to organize their priorities and ensure they do not miss assignments.


Your virtual assistant acts like a temporary remote employee for your company, so your VA should be reliable, just like your workers. They should be dependable and willing to respond to customer queries and concerns. Being reliable means being trustworthy, and trust is key to building a great customer-business relationship.

Communication Skills

Due to the lack of physical interactions, your virtual assistant must have superb oral and written communication skills. They will interact with you and your clients through calls, emails, or chats, so they should speak and write clearly and with utmost precision. They should also communicate with you from time to time for questions and updates on their work. 


Virtual assistants have to prepare for the tasks assigned to them by employers. You should not think of them as know-it-alls or the ultimate jack of all trades, but you should consider the trait of resourcefulness. They must be willing to find a way to learn how to perform their responsibilities, such as by asking for advice, reaching out on forums, or looking for online tips.

Your VA should be able to solve problems that may arise during work. For instance, a client may request a spreadsheet arranged in numerical order; your VA should know how to do it. The virtual assistant should also stay on top of trends in the industry they chose to work with.

Attention to Detail

A keen eye is paramount to performing tasks efficiently and ensuring little to no errors are made. Your virtual assistant should possesstop-level attention to detail, especially when following criticalinstructions. 


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