Understanding the Various Dimensions of Electronic Product Design?


Since technology is a lot dynamic these days and development is extremely fast-paced, it is difficult for most of us to stay updated with any minor changes. One such highly dynamic fronts are electronic product development. 

Design is practically the process through which any needs of the customers or the entire marketplace are transformed into a mere product in order to satisfy all their needs and demands. There are multiple dimensions of a product design, which include:

  • Scientific design
  • Industrial design
  • Engineering design

Scientific design

This is a design process which mostly consists of multiple different stages. The key factor in this dimension is the existing knowledge. This is what forms the base of the entire design process. The knowledge that exists is then transformed into a form of a hypothesis. From this point, the evolution of a new product begins to get realized. The next phase of it is logic analysis. Further experiments are performed right from here. The final stage of the design is known as proof. 

Industrial design

The industrial stage is defined by the Industrial Designer’s Society of America as the “professional service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the functions, value, and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.” 

The entire phase of industrial design starts from conceptualization. The concept slows and develops into structures as well as configurations. The next phase involves optimization analysis. The conceptual level is formed by the designs, and it then goes into further detail. 

Next, the detailed anatomy of the structures is prepared. Designs are then confirmed in accordance with the thermal and the EMC requirements. This dimension, however, needs the development drawing, the details of the products and the integration documents too.

Engineering design

When starting off with product development, this dimension plays a more important role than industrial design. This is because there are a lot of factors that need to be measured to create an intrinsic relationship between the man and the product. Engineering design is related to the factors like software development, circuit design, design for assembly, design for safety, design for cost and choice of materials. This dimension completely needs the integration of the functional parts and the experiments needed in the engineering stage.

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