Uncontested divorce n Kenosha: You still need an attorney


Filing for divorce is always about mixed emotions. While a part of you wants to move on, you also have memories attached to the marriage that can complicate the decision. If you and your spouse have no material issues and want to file for divorce in Kenosha, you can go for an uncontested divorce. You have an uncontested divorce when you can resolve critical issues with your spouse, including things like who pays for child support and aspects like alimony. Given that there are no disputes, you may wonder whether you need legal counsel. Hiring Kenosha divorce attorneys can help your case in more ways than one. Here are some aspects to know.

There are legal requirements

Before you can file for divorce, you need to fulfill residency requirements. For instance, at least one spouse must have lived in the county for a month before filing. The legal paperwork in an uncontested divorce requires as much attention, and for someone who doesn’t understand the process or the legal jargon, you should consider having an attorney. Besides the initial paperwork, your lawyer will also check the financial statements that must be filed in court. Your lawyer is also responsible for drafting the marital settlement agreement, which is essential to the uncontested divorce. They will also get a court date and get you divorced on that final hearing. Many lawyers even attend the final hearing of uncontested divorces when required.

Discover the benefits

Besides reviewing and filing the divorce papers on your behalf, your lawyer is also responsible for handling other court matters, if any. As a client, you have access to an experienced and reliable family law team that will answer your questions and also offer a strategic review of the court papers and all other financial documents. If you are worried about the costs, remember that the fee for uncontested divorces is usually fixed, and that is a flat fee. Unless yours is a complicated one, where the matter is expected to drag on for long, you can expect the divorce lawyer to take a fixed charge.

Final word

Even in an uncontested divorce, you have reasons to worry about your interests, and while you agree with your spouse, you need a legal expert who can advise you on your situation. Do not make significant decisions unless you have discussed the consequences and outcome with a skilled and seasoned attorney. Schedule a consultation today to know more.

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