The Top Ten Corporate Headshot Suggestions for Office Sessions 


Advice for the workplace

  1. Provide the biggest room you have available for the photographer to use during your office session. To plan the session, which often lasts a few hours, you’ll probably want to speak with the photographer a few times beforehand.
  2. Choose a morning appointment time. This will allow you to be “done for the day” by 10 a.m. or so, leaving your staff rested and free from work-related stress. They can do the day’s business while looking their best.
  3. In a typical morning session, a Corporate headshot photographer may complete 10–20 headshots.
  4. Maintain order. Work along with your staff to arrive at the workplace on time. Allow them a window of 15 minutes for their session. You may usually book 10 individuals every hour. So, around three every fifteen minutes.
  5. Ensure that your headshot photographer in Indianapolis, IN is aware of your desired outcome. For instance, how will the images be used? Are there any particular qualifications you have for backgrounds? Cropping? Do you require both low and high resolutions? A competent business and headshot photographer needs to be knowledgeable enough to prepare questions for you in advance. Do they have a studio where they work? How much will it cost for them to return and set up for just one employee? Make sure a contract is in place.

Advice for the staff:

Get ready: Consider what you’re planning to wear in advance. Make sure your clothing fits properly and is not too tight (can your jacket or blouse be worn when sitting down without bunching up) Purchase anything that fits if you must.

Relax: Sleep well the night before your session. Get up early, and have a hearty breakfast. To avoid traffic stress and arrive at work on time, leave extra early. If you “don’t like having my picture taken,” don’t worry; Violet Gorgi, headshot photographer in Indianapolis, specialises in photographing “real people,” not models or actors, and they’ll know how to put you at ease and make you appear unposed.

Dress code: Work best with dark clothing. White should only be worn beneath other colours. V-necks draw attention to the neckline and are often the most attractive. Don’t wear a turtleneck.

If you have a thick beard, guys, give yourself a decent shave. You might need to strike that object twice! Ladies. Apply cosmetics with caution. Neither too light nor too hefty. Even if you “never wear makeup,” you might consider applying some for your photo shoot. Be yourself, but feel free to play it up a notch or down a notch.

Consider the meeting as a job interview:  The photographer will take your picture, but while he’s doing it, attempt to “impress” him in the same way you would a potential employer. Look the camera (the lens) directly in the eye to captivate the photographer. Be kind and confident at the same time.

Therefore remember that a professional photographer gives out a professional portrait

with all details needed.


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