Speed is the driving force at Jablix


Getting to the finish line first nets the winner the biggest prize. That victory is no different for 3rd party shipping suppliers. It can earn them more customers and develop trust, reliability, and loyalty.

With more and more 3rd party shipping and order fulfillment companies jockeying for the front of the line, some providers are gaining market dominance.

Jablix, which provides order fulfillment and a mail forwarding service, is stepping on the gas pedal, overtaking some competitors.

Using innovations, staff, and advanced protocols, the company, owned by FI, LLC, pushes aside obstacles that slash the amount of time it takes to get shipments to doorsteps.

Jablix’s transportation management system (TMS) allows for flexibility and efficiency in its supply chain process. The system allows for last-minute changes to deliveries and pick-up schedules. These immediate changes save time, preventing a carrier from heading to an unnecessary location. It also saves money.

The company also works with business clients to quickly get products to customers. Time-saving measures include:

  • Have carriers pick up shipments the following day if business clients are too busy. 
  • Collect containers that are ready earlier than anticipated when they are ready, eliminating delays.
  • Setting up advanced protocols to reduce the loss of products and increase revenue, profit, and customer satisfaction.

“Advanced protocols are contingency plans that can save time and money,” the company says on its website at Jablix.com.

Business clients identifying scenarios and set up an action plan. The time saved will be valuable to clients if implementation takes place. “Those few minutes can save you big headaches, big losses, and even bigger problems.”

Speeding delivery

Other 3rd party shipping companies see speed as essential and guarantee delivery to customers. Here is a look at the delivery speed of several other shipment suppliers.

Ship7, which provides shipping services to online shoppers in the United States and the United Kingdom, offers fast shipping for customers. The company ensures that orders get processed in 24 hours.

Once packages arrived at the U.S. address, they are consolidated into one box and shipped to the member.

Shop & Ship, which deals with international shipping, the packages are stored in a locker, and customers have r three days to collect them.

While the company ships batteries from the U.S., there are restrictions on the amount and destinations. And customers have to wait up to 15 days to get the batteries.

MyUS offers faster shipping to members. The company ships thousands of packages daily, with global carriers delivering the packages to its warehouse many times daily. “This means that, unlike smaller shippers, we don’t ever have to wait for a delivery or pick-up,” the company says.

MyUS uses a multi-station shipping system to streamline the process and provide the fastest shipping experience. They include:

  • Working to make sure packages leave company warehouse within 24 hours
  • Logging in packages to online accounts seven days a week
  • Ship packages around the globe six days a week
  • Making sure packages are delivered worldwide in just 2 to 4 days once they leave MyUS.