Sending Super Personalized Emails That Prospects Actually Read


If you need to send personalized emails to a group of strangers, there must be a value-added to your approach. This is trust! People often do not pay much attention to this step and think themselves smarter than others. It’s simply silly when it comes to building trust while sending emails. You cannot simply jump and ask for the required fields only by adding the name of your brand in your emails. This isn’t a tale to win the strangers. When trust isn’t there, don’t expect your recipients to reply back. So, let’s find out the hidden tactics for the same. From email greeting to closing, it must be personalized to establish a trustworthy connection with the customers. Backed by real-world examples and the psychology of people, these Hyper Personalize email tactics can really save your day.

Finding a rare commonality

In the business and branding world, the safest and swiftest way to win customers is by sharing personalized emails. It must show how much you have in common. This is because people tend to trust someone who comes from the same category. The principle works better when you start emphasizing the unusual part that matches with another person. Check out your prospect’s Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles to determine the shared background, likes, dislikes, and hobbies. If there’s something common within your dislikes, consider mentioning the same. The unusual similarities must be highlighted, especially at the initial stage. This can give you an added benefit to achieve a reply back from the strangers who might ignore if not mentioned.

Highlighting mutual connections

Can we appreciate someone who is giving advice without even knowing about us? The feeling becomes the same when people receive a non-personalized B2B or B2C sales email. It’s like someone is telling them to do something without knowing their routine or practices to make their lifestyle better. Therefore, mentioning the mutual connection is important in the email body. This can be the best way to prevent an unfortunate scenario. If your emails value the opinions of your customers, they are likely to get back to you by creating a channel of trust. This also defines how much you care for the customers as you’re researched their likes and dislikes and ultimately want to do business.

Celebrating new achievements together

Similar to a personal compliment, it’s great when people hear their trusted brand’s business achievements. Even if they manage to understand that this is a sales trick, you will still achieve credits for the same. On the contrary, avoiding this generalization will make your task a lot more complicated. Even if your company is the best in the world, an achievement that does not connect with your customer base will not be so fruitful. So, you need to be specific about what wows your customers.

It’s time that you focus on hyper-personalize email templates to witness a new high for your business. Email marketing campaigns can be a lot easier and smarter with such unique consideration.

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