Responsibilities Of Work Injury Advocates


When you have sustained an injury on the job and a claim must be made for compensation, work injury advocates have what it takes to provide the necessary assistance. Essentially, these experts are legal professionals, who are dedicated to providing legal assistance and representation to individuals involved in personal injury cases. The cases typically include car accidents, accidents on construction sites, trip and falls just and slip and falls. It is essential to use the services of an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable in the area to assist you in getting the compensation to which you are entitled.

The particular actions and responsibilities to be undertaken by a work injury advocate typically depends on the nature of the case and the particular facts surrounding the accident. However, there are common steps that are taken in just about every case. Below are some of the actions performed by work injury advocates:

Gathering and Analyzing Evidence

Whether it is a vehicular accident, products liability case, sidewalk fall or construction accident, the initial phases of the case addresses the need to quickly obtain the necessary evidence. This could involve hiring an investigator to get statements from witnesses, taking photos of the condition that resulted in the injury, retrieving surveillance footage, collecting medical record and obtaining police reports. Typically, these stages are the most crucial as it relates to litigation; therefore, you should go for work injury advocates who do not take shortcuts.

Handling Matter with Insurance Providers

Interacting with and negotiating with insurance providers is another task of work injury advocates. Typically, from the time an insurance provides notice of a claim, they carry out their own investigation and will contact Plaintiff’s counsel and review the case or claim. Once an attorney is retained, an insurance provider or law firm representing the provider will be barred from contacting you; all communication will go through your work injury advocate. It is the responsibility of the advocate to represent your interests when it comes to dealing with the insurance provider.

Preparation and Filing of Pleadings

To bring a lawsuit, the attorney must prepare and file a complaint in the applicable court. When an answer is obtained on the Defendant’s behalf, the case will then be placed on the calendar or docket of the court. During this process, a variety of documents and pleadings will have to be filed by the work injury advocate and served upon the defendant and on the court. The advocate will need to be in contact with you to verify specific details that could be requested in certain pleadings. These pleadings will be produced and finalized on your behalf by the advocate.

Provide Representation at Trial

If the case is not settled during litigation, either resulting from negotiations between the two attorneys involved or at a mediation, the final option is to have the case tried before a jury. Go for a work injury advocate who is comfortable in a trial setting and is not afraid of boldly putting forward the case in court.

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