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Listen to ET Play’s English audio news podcasts 

The audio news ecosystem has grown by leaps and bounds since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The advent of television news led to waning out of the audio medium in popularity. 

Thanks to the immense popularity of podcasts, the audio medium is once again more popular than ever before. Podcasts now find a dedicated space on almost all streaming platforms and apps. Though the genres of mystery and crime are among the most popular, audio news podcasts in English now have a lot of listeners. More people now prefer listening to audio news in the morning.

When it audio news in English, ET Play is among the best places to turn to because of the research that goes into producing its podcasts. The platform has many episodes on several important topics and will have you covered.

Insightful audio news on ET Play:

The hustle and bustle of our daily routine often keep us short of time. We would love to read our favourite novel or tune in to our news bulletin on television we do not have the time to do so. And that is where podcasts come in!

The beauty of audio news podcasts on ET Play is that you can listen to them anywhere on the go. You can listen to the episodes while travelling, getting ready for dinner, or getting ready for an important client meeting.

These episodes are fun to listen to. Moreover, they offer incisive analysis and in-depth topics, featuring some of the leading industry experts and scholars. Listening to ET Play’s audio news in English podcasts is like spending time well on global news analysis.

Stay updated with ET Play:

The best thing about ET Play is that its podcasts cover all the vital topics of the day. From the war in Ukraine to Sri Lanka’s economic crisis and India’s foreign policy, ET Play’s podcasts touch upon all major global issues in today’s time. Moreover, the episodes feature fascinating discussions on startups, technology, business and markets.

ET Play’s English audio news podcasts cover all newsworthy stories relating to business, economy, startup and tech, markets, politics, and cryptocurrencies. The discussions are very informative and the content well-researched. The conversational tone keeps you hooked and yearning for more. Moreover, most of these episodes inspire you to go beyond the news as they offer brilliant and well-researched insights into the topics.

The audio news podcast on ET Play treats all political developments of the day with intense scrutiny in the episodes. For example, from the UK election to the Assembly polls in any Indian state, the podcasts focus on everything, from local to global. And the best thing is the detailed explanations on any complicated topic which will help you form a well-rounded understanding.

For more news, updates and in-depth discussions on current affairs, log on to ET Play and start listening now! Play and get hooked on our audio news podcasts that are setting new benchmarks for news podcasts!

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