Few Common Myths About Plastic Pallets That You Must Have Heard


A big debate has again started recently about the unnecessary burning of fossil fuels. Of course, this is great news for suppliers of wood pallets, but not so much for the plastic pallet suppliers.

It is a fact that plastic pallets are produced only by burning fossil fuels while wooden pallets have no such problems and hence the question of the same negative impact on our environment may not arise.

This may be true, however, there are many more myths that exist about plastic pallets that may not be true but needs clarification.

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The following are a few myths about plastic pallets that you must have heard and you are entitled to know the facts.

1. Durability

Plastic pallets are often accused as fragile items, which is not quite true. As a matter of fact, it can easily handle weight as specified by its manufacture.

2. Cleanliness

Often these pallets are considered to be having a risk of contamination, however, the fact is that they are far better than any wooden pallets on this issue.

3. Plastic pallets cannot be recycled

This is not true however, the recycling process may not be as straightforward as many others. Before they are melted and moulded into new items, they must be ground into flakes first.

4. All plastic pallets are more or less the same

No, all plastic pallets are not created equal. Plastic pallets come in a wide variety of styles, each with advantages and disadvantages. When purchasing them, take into account your unique needs.

5. They are not food safe

Contrarily, the majority of plastic pallets are safe for food. High-density polyethylene, a material approved for use in food products, is the kind of plastic that is most frequently used for pallets.

6. They cannot be used in cold storage

Although plastic pallets can be utilized in cold storage, there are a few considerations to make when using them in lower temperatures.

7. They are slippery

It varies depending on the type of plastic used, the surface polish, and the setting in which the pallet is being utilised to determine whether a plastic pallet is slippery or not.

8. They are not eco-friendly

In general, plastic pallets are thought to be environmentally beneficial. When their useful lives are over, they can be recycled since they were made with recycled materials.

9. They cannot be repaired

Pallets made of plastic demand a more long-lasting fix. Fortunately, depending on the extent of the damage, plastic pallets can be repaired.

10. They cannot be used in hot zones

The majority of plastic pallets are heat resistant, but it is vital to remember that not all plastic polymers are made equal.

11. Printing is not possible on them

Yes, it is certainly possible to print on your plastic pallets.

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