An Introduction to The Sourcing Agents 


When you are planning to source products from China, then there are a lot of things and considerations involved while reaching the right decision. You should make a list of all the relevant factors and after paying due time to each of them and only after complete brainstorming you should conclude. 

Here are a few things that will get you started:

Spend the right time on the right supplier – the first step for getting into contact with the right manufacturers in China is to do a simple google search or Bing search. You will be startled to witness the huge number of Chinese producers who are ready to produce the good that you want. If you want to be more precise, then you can use other tools like Alibaba or Make in China.

These platforms are specifically made for wholesalers and manufacturers who can list their businesses online and deal with clients online. However, you must not treat these sources as your sole place for meeting the manufacturers. This is because many resellers pose themselves as manufacturers on the platform.

This will be fine in normal circumstances but in cases where you need specific goods of specific quality like clothes or electronics then you must avoid dealing with the middlemen. Further, one of the issues of these platforms is that they increase the visibility of those subscribers who have taken the gold membership or a subscription.

This is why these entries are not entirely trustworthy. The right thing to do is to talk with these manufacturers on call and visit their websites. If their websites are not detailed enough or do not appear to be professional, then it is highly likely that the manufacturer is an imposter. Besides that, if you can contact them on call, then ask the relevant questions about the product and its manufacturing.

If they are not able to give satisfactory answers, then the decision is easy. Since this is a lot of hard work and it becomes very exhausting to invest so much time into each manufacturer, the best way to get a manufacturer is through verified sourcing agents. The sourcing agents help you get in touch with the right manufacturer.

If you choose the right sourcing agent then he will have a huge network of connections with manufacturers and will also have experience in dealing with them. Such an agent ensures that you get connected with the best manufacturer. Let’s talk in detail about the verified sourcing agents in Chinese markets.

Sourcing agents in China

While selecting verified sourcing agents there are a few things that you need to consider before you reach any decision about finalizing the sourcing agent:

1- Location of the sourcing agent – when you google a list of verified sourcing agents then you must always look for the agents based on their location. Some of the considerations are whether the sourcing agent is based in China, whether he is a foreigner and if yes then whether he has an office in China, and whether he has an office in your country.

These are some of the very important questions that need an answer before you finalize the verified sourcing agents for your products. Since the Chinese internet is much more restricted, a simple google search would not deliver many results when talking about getting the right manufacturer.   

This is where the role of verified sourcing agents kicks in. These agents are professionals who have an experience in the Chinese market and they will help you in getting in touch with the right manufacturer. They have a vast network of manufacturers as their connections and they will get you in touch with a manufacturer who fits you. 

Make sure that the verified sourcing agents that you shortlist have a good staff in China because choosing the right manufacturer is a labour-intensive job. 

2- Experience of the agent working in china- the difference is huge when we compare the working and the environment of the Chinese businesses and the western businesses. The Chinese markets operate in a very different manner. Therefore, you must consider only those verified sourcing agents who have expertise and experience in dealing in China. 

If your agent is a newbie to China and Chinese businesses, then he will be as lost as you are. 

3- Check for references – a trustworthy and experienced Chinese sourcing agent would have already helped many companies in getting the right manufacturer. If you can get recommended some sourcing agent by any of your colleagues who has taken his service, then you must go for it because word of mouth in business is trustable

If you are not able to get any recommendations from your peers, then you must shortlist some of the manufacturers and ask them to give some referrals. These are the details of the customers whom they have already served in the past. You must get in touch and talk with these customers to ascertain the services of the sourcing agent. 

An experienced sourcing agent will be more than happy and understanding in giving you the recommendations of previous clients. 

4- Get the required documentation – the right sourcing agent will provide you with all the required documentation for sourcing and shipping. The language, the formatting and the depth of the document will give you a hint of how well-versed and experienced the sourcing agent is in the field.

The paper work that sourcing agents generally provide are a Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin, detailed packing list and Fumigation Certificate.

5- Licences- the law in china is very strict when it comes to operating businesses and licencing. In China, all businesses are required to have a licence and you can have a particular licence for a particular trade only. Before you finalize the sourcing agent, make sure to check their licence.


Getting top quality goods and products, at the reasonable cost and on time delivery can assist your business to grow double quickly. Take your time to select the right sourcing agency. Your company’s future depends on it.

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