The advantages of using email marketing over building a mailing list: money, planking, and effective marketing


Routine work on mailings does not always stimulate creativity in email marketing. This applies to all positions regarding the selection of addresses. Some of them are screened out after user inquiries.

As various studies show, up to 30% of addresses in mailings, may not contain valid or not active address positions. This is primarily since the selection and correction of mailing lists is not always performed with high quality.

You can read more details about how the automated and fast verification process is done at

But we will pay attention to the advantages of such an action for the company, as well as for the work of the marketing department – the specialists who are engaged in sales promotion.

Efficient Costs: Don’t Throw Money Away

Professional mailing requires a considerable number of resources, primarily in the form of speed and volume of letter formation. Often such a service already belongs to the paid version and depends on many factors.

Like any technical system, e-mail also has its own limitations on the speed and volume of processed information. That is why a quality filter of sent emails allows the efficient use of resources, in particular money a company or an entrepreneur spends on e-mail support and its integration with the existing CRM company.

Planning realistic, sending a mailing list without fantasies

An important part of effective company management is planning and executing plans in realistic amounts. That is, you should not delude yourself and tell the company management or lie to yourself that the proposals were sent to 100 thousand subscribers. If there are no more than 40-50% of them are really verified e-mail addresses, at which the potential buyer will see an offer, even less.

Such inflated expectations often end up with negative results:

  • marketing works out skewed in potential performance, projects;
  • forms unrealistic financial plans;
  • creates a distorted perspective of the company, which affects the turnover of funds, confidence in the management and forecasting activities of a particular brand.

There is only one way to combat this – thoroughly check the veracity of the data and the activity of email addresses. This will show the obvious disadvantages in the planning at the start and allow to adjust the work of marketers to get the highest possible credible level of sales and drafting of contracts.

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