5 Steps To Finding Low-Cost Wholesale Suppliers For Your Amazon Tool Line


Developing a best-selling Amazon tool line or range is useless if you can’t produce it correctly. Design, materials, chain supplies, assembly, and cost are all factors to consider when producing things well.

Turning your concept into a successful product requires much more than simply planning and researching. You’ll need expert assistance from an experienced producer to ensure that all of these items are produced to the required quality and quantity standards.

Here are some things that should be considered before making contact with just any low-cost wholesale supplier for Amazon sellers.

​1. Understand the Qualities of a Wholesale Supplier

According to industry experts, you should look for the following attributes in a wholesale supplier:

  1. Demonstration of experience and knowledge 

You want a provider or manufacturer that can answer all of your questions and walk you through the process. They’ll know your market and what has performed mediocrely or succeeded extremely well.

  1. Technical Abilities

They are already able to produce goods similar enough in function, style, quality, and design to what you want. They have systems and processes to ensure smooth operation and to mitigate unforeseen production or chain-supply issues

  1. Track Record

Are they licensed and accredited holders with the appropriate expertise in working with other brand names? Is it certified and licensed, or has it had any issues in the past that might affect you as a buyer? If they’re abroad, do they have any labor regulations that could impact staff turnover and quality control if an order goes wrong?

​2. Ask Important Questions

When it comes to selecting a factory, thorough research is required. When choosing a company, you must ask the appropriate questions in order to succeed.

  • How much experience do you have in this field?
  • What similar companies are now your clients?
  • How soon can I expect my goods to be produced?
  • What is the minimum purchase amount you require?
  • Can you give evidence of recent third-party audits or inspections?
  • Do you outsource work to other manufacturers, or is everything produced internally?
  • What are my choices for paying? Is a down payment required?
  • Do you produce your own materials in-house or contract them out?
  • Do I need to supply my own materials, or can you manage the sourcing?

​3. Look for a Supply Manager

If you’re working with overseas suppliers and manufacturers, you’ll need a supply manager. This individual will be in charge of negotiations, orders, and handling your partners. They can also serve as a liaison between your company and the supply or manufacturing firms. Communicating in the local language makes managing manufacturing easier. This encourages communication and ensures that things go smoothly for you.

​4. Make Use Online of Manufacturer Directories

The most common approach for businesses to discover a factory to produce their products is through online supplier directories or B2B websites. They serve as manufacturer’s catalogs with profiles of hundreds or thousands of manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers with procurement catalogs.

Manufacturers that are listed in these directories are frequently verified and reviewed. This may make you feel more confident that your supplier is genuine.

  • Global Sourcing Specialists (GSS): GSS will connect you with a suitable manufacturer from nearly everywhere. GSS works with firms that require large-scale or small-scale manufacturing. If you want to outsource your production, this is an excellent site to visit.
  • Alibaba: Alibaba is another excellent resource for locating global wholesale suppliers. You may utilize the website’s industry filter to locate a suitable match for your business.
  • MFG: This tool may be used to find a factory in any country as well as keep track of the status of your order and production.
  • Thomas.net: This service has more than 500,000 business and industrial suppliers in its database. It can not only help you find unique manufacturing and construction companies, but it can also streamline the process of finding source materials.
  1. Networking or Referrals 

Referrals are a fantastic source of new leads. Don’t be hesitant to ask your expert contacts for referrals or if they know someone who can assist you. Look for people who have achieved success in a field that interests you and see whether they’d be willing to share their lists with you.

Even if the firms you contact don’t offer the level of assistance you want, they may be able to connect you with someone who can. Don’t be afraid to ask. Being in the business implies that they’ll almost certainly have excellent contacts and would want to assist you with a solution that is better suited.


It can be a long road to locate a reputable low-cost wholesale supplier for Amazon sellers. Choosing a reliable manufacturer and supplier that is a good fit is critical for a new business, but it isn’t always straightforward, as it may first seem.

It’s easy to get frustrated when you hit a dead end or run into a brick wall, but finding the ideal partner for your new business usually just entails a little more patience, perseverance, and research.


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