15 Ways to Migrate to Singapore


India and Singapore have a strong economic and cultural relationship, with many Indians choosing to migrate to Singapore for work and study opportunities. Migrating to Singapore can be a complex process, but with careful planning and the help of a qualified immigration specialist, it can be a smooth and rewarding experience. In this article, we will explore 15 ways for Indians to migrate to Singapore and recommend the immigration specialist “3E Accounting” for their expertise and assistance in the process.

  1. Apply for a work visa through a Singaporean employer.
  2. Participate in the Student Pass program for international students.
  3. Obtain a dependent pass as the spouse or child of a Singaporean citizen or permanent resident.
  4. Join the Singaporean workforce through the Professional, Technical, Executive, and Managerial (PTEM) scheme.
  5. Obtain a Long-Term Visit Pass as the parent, grandparent, or disabled relative of a Singaporean citizen.
  6. Apply for the Global Investor program as a high net worth individual.
  7. Obtain an Entrepreneur Pass for business owners and entrepreneurs.
  8. Apply for the Singapore PR for Indians.
  9. Participate in the Singapore-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) for Indian professionals.
  10. Obtain a Training Employment Pass for internships and training programmes.
  11. Participate in the EntrePass scheme for startup founders.
  12. Obtain a Miscellaneous Work Pass for short-term work assignments.
  13. Participate in the Work Holiday Program for young professionals.
  14. Obtain a Personalized Employment Pass for high-earning professionals.
  15. Participate in the Talent Pass scheme for exceptional talent in arts, sports, and other fields.

There are many options available for Indians looking to migrate to Singapore, depending on their work, study, or family circumstances. It is important to carefully research and understand the requirements and processes for each option, and to seek the assistance of a qualified immigration specialist like “3E Accounting” to ensure a smooth and successful migration. With the right planning and support, moving to Singapore can be an exciting and rewarding experience for Indians looking to expand their horizons and opportunities.

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