Why Has Gold Always Been Valuable?


Apart from the idea that it looks aesthetically appealing and it is the form of currency, in other areas and cases, gold features immersive value because people are attached to it. However, it is not a necessity, and you can consider it as a luxury as well.

The question is what makes it valuable. For instance, you can easily find a website where you can see gold bars for sale so that you can determine whether you would like to invest in your future or not.

The reason why gold is valuable lies in its qualities as well as our psychology. Stay with us to see what we are talking about.

  1. The Historical Significance

Even our ancestors knew that gold is valuable and they used it when they came up with medium exchange or currency, which was a much better solution than a barter system overall. Golden coins were the most common medium of exchange.

When compared with other metals on the periodic table of elements, gold is a perfect and logical choice that you should make. For instance, features that are not metal like can be ruled out since liquid and gaseous currency is not a practical thing.

Another choice that people could make involved aluminum, platinum, palladium, gold, silver, lead, copper and iron. Since copper, lead and iron can corrode in time, and when in contact with water and humid environment, it will not be a good choice for storing it.

At the same time, metal maintenance and production to keep them corrosion resistant is intensive. Aluminum, on the other hand, is unsubstantial and very light, which means that it was not an excellent choice for coin metals that will provide the people feeling of value and security.

Have in mind that noble metals such as palladium and platinum were reasonable choices because they are not reactive to other elements, and their rarity is valuable enough so that you can make a coin circulation, which would be limited.

Metal should be rare so the only a small part of society can produce them, but available enough so that nations can make a reasonable number of coins that will allow commerce and everything that goes with it.

Therefore, they had only two choices silver and gold. Gold was the best choice possible because it can be melted over a flame, which means that it is simple to produce golden coins and it will not destroy after a while.

At the same time, gold has a beautiful and unique color, which is appealing when compared with other elements. The atoms in gold are much heavier, and electronics tend to move faster, which means that they absorb some light, which is the reason for its beautiful appearance.

You should visit this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_coin so that you can learn more on golden coins in overall.

  1. Psychological Effects on Value of Gold

Today’s currency involves modern paper money, but if the scenario would happen when currency would collapse, the gold will still be valuable currency in which people are investing so that they can fight for future needs.

Since humans tend to prefer company and to be group beings but with the idea of independence, it is much more convenient to work in groups than living on your own, and that is a fact.

This particular human habit forces us back to a barter system, which means that we have to find ways to work together all the time. Therefore, we wanted to find a way to exchange goods and services efficiently and smoothly.

The logical idea and choice are to use gold as a disaster strike. Since gold is metal, it is simple to use it as an alternative to paper money and to create a system that will support it.

Therefore, it is the only substance on the earth that will provide you the same value even when the economy falls.

Of course, gold does not feature intrinsic value to a person that is holding it, because you will not be able to use it for drinking and eating in the future.

However, an agreement that can easily make metal into coins means that you can use gold with the idea to exchange goods in the future without inflation effects on currency.

Since most people believe that it features value that creates hype that gives it worth in the first place.